Mister Parrot – Pet Services

Located in Orlando, Florida we serve Orange & Lake County pets.

Pet Taxi & Chauffeur – We work with local Veterinarians, Groomers, Boarders, Trainers, Pet Friendly hotels and more to offer you pick up and drop off to their locations.

Boarding & Check-Ins – Let’s face it some pets like to stay at home when their pet parents leave, we specialize in helping to make this possible with some really cool services including our Board@Home packages that include Air-conditioned Kennel Rentals we can setup in your own backyard! We also offer boarding at our location for your pets.

Leaving your pet inside your home?  We can help you setup a camera for monitoring your pet from anywhere in the world! With your permission we will visit your home, feed, entertain and clean up any mess. Lonely pets do get a little messy sometimes.

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